Friday, 13 April 2007

Thanatophile News

I began a blog on the Telegraph site today; its basis for existence is that it will deal with obituaries, though I suspect it will become a more general thing, with the paper's obits, or issues arising from them, being used as a springboard for the usual aimless chatter. I will point from here to there when it seems appropriate (less often, I'd guess, in the other direction). Anyone especially interested in obits can find it in the list on the right. It is chiefly for those who read the paper or the online version, so its comments will probably be compaints about obits which haven't run, or perceived injustices or errors in those which have. Of course, there's nothing to speak of on it yet. But if you like obits, you might want to look at it in a couple of weeks. The Telegraph's main site is Enough.