Thursday, 26 July 2007

s v z

Blogger says "attention feedburner fanz". I can't even begin to be bothered about whatever that is. Perhaps I'll have to be in due course. At the moment, I have been hauled up for inconsistent s and z usage. You are quite right, piffling complainants. I am by instinct and upbringing a speller with z; this is because I am an old-fashioned British reader and writer. Your actual ignoramous will tell you it is an American innovation, because he has never looked at any book published before 1950 in Britain. Connexion is thus spelt. As is spelt. And so on.
But these battles are lost. I spell with s most of the time, because morons tell me it's "the English way". So you get used to it, even though they're wrong. There are lots of things like that. Averse takes from, though, not to.