Thursday, 22 November 2007

Rejoice! Rejoice!

As that fat old fraud and bilker Ted Heath said when Mrs Thatcher fell from power. It may be moderately alarming that the Inland Revenue (train your children to say "Boo! Hiss! Behind You!" at this point) has managed to lose the intimate financial details of half the UK's adult population.
And it may be small beer compared with the 300 cameras on which we are captured each day, and which Uncle Zip is happy to use as screensavers.
Perhaps it will mean fraudsters will try to empty my bank account, or yours.
But on the bright side it means this: anyone who wants to make the case for ID cards is self-evidently, and on every empirical basis known to human rationality, completely barking mad or evil.
Cut out today and yesterday's front page stories and photocopy them. Send them to your MP twice a day.