Saturday, 14 June 2008

David Davis

I grant you that modesty was never David Davis's long suit, but why is no one asking this simple set of questions?

The Government decided to make the extension to 42 days a matter of such over-riding principle that the Prime Minister staked his own survival and that of his Cabinet on it. It was accordingly whipped.

It is claimed that various deals were done (ignoring Cuba's appalling human rights record – more imprisoned journalists than any other country etc, etc; water subsidies for Northern Ireland) to ensure support. Well, maybe. Maybe it's just chance, or conviction, that the DUP backed the bill.

But if this is vital, essential legislation, worth putting the Government on the line for, why won't the governing party put up a candidate who believes in it against Davis?

Is there any reason why we should not hold in contempt any group which backs this curtailment of liberties, but will not stand a serious candidate on the issue?

I'm sorry, but I would happily go up to Yorkshire to campaign for him. This is not a party issue.